Okay, let me clear something up before people make too many assumptions that are innaccurate.

I did not READ this guys site at all. I went and looked at the graphics, and determined from a visual inspection, that there was nothing there that could not be done in Photoshop (probably GIMP as well) without the need for a 3D rendering package. There were maybe one or two exceptions to this, but as I was on my way out the door when I saw this message, I was not inclined to make long winded explanations or descriptions at the time.

regardless, the transparent "gel" and bubble effects are easy. the "plate" backgrounds are easy and the appearance of reflections are also reasoanbly easy without the need for a rendering package to do them.

To make a 100% definitive statement, I would need to take the time to sit down and dissect each one individually to evaluate the steps needed to reproduce them or a similar effect.

Jon Winters wrote:

Steve Rogers wrote:
> Rendering? not likely.

He mentions he has dabbled in 3D apps but the core of what he does is
done with photoshop.

Since this guy is unwilling to share his secrets, where he used any rendering at all is rather pointless. Good technique will do virtually everything thing that was on his site with maybe one or two exceptions.

Years ago Amiga artists created stunning graphics with Deluxe paint that took close examination to see that they were not in fact rendered in a 3d program they were so good. A number of images I did back then were quite popular and distributed through the Amiga community that depicted the different models of Amiga computers that looked rendered, I did those in Deluxe Paint

GIMP is a far better tool than the paint programs Amiga used over a decade ago.


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