All I know is that the only way I can change the light source on that plugin is
to manually do it. I am unable to click on the image and do it a la Photoshop.
I talked to the author and he said that I should be able to do it with the
mouse, and there hasn't been an update since May.... that seems like SUCH a
wonderful plugin I wish more progress were made on it to fix bugs and enhance

And yes the zoom/unzoom are broken for me to... the plugin is basically useless
and I am running a RH 6.1 stock install with Gimp 1.1.11 and all most recent
GTK/GLIB libraries so I don't think its my system.

Take care,


Joachim Ansorg wrote:

> Hi!
> The lightimh effects plugin doesn't have a working zoom/unzoom function.
> Although it takes some time after clicking on the +/- Button but it displays
> everytime the same.
> Is this my fault or isn't it implmented?
> -- Joachim
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