Is there any program (gimp related or not) that accepts some
text on the command line and writes a gif?  For my purposes, it would
just have accept the text, font, and size as inputs, and return a gif
that text in black on a transparent background.

        Of course, other people might find useful a program that could
accept the background and foreground color as an argument.  A simple
program like this would seem very useful for many web designers.  If
there were another program that just made another gif from two gifs
just by layering them on top of one another, most titles and
navigation bars could be done quite easily automatically.

        I've looked at the GIMP documentation and it seems something
like this shouldn't be hard to do.  However, at this point I only use
gimp occasionally and, am not familiar enough with the internals to
write scripts for it.

        In general it would surprise me if there isn't something that
already does this.  Has anyone heard of one?  I am familiar with gFont
( but this requires TeX available
(pk) fonts while the gimp can use any font available to the X server
including (importantly) truetype fonts.

        Anyway, thanks for any information on this.

Ben Escoto

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