Hello Gimpers,

I have a bunch of jpegs in a directory (a few hundred to be precise).
They're all the same size 192x144 pixels and have the naming structure:



I'd like to automatically traverse the directory and let Gimp do the
following processing with all images:

- Open xm00000.jpg.
- Resize to width 100x75.
- Save as xm00000.jpg "in another directory" at 60% quality.

Until the last defined image in the directory is processed.

Anybody knows how to do this in perl? and GIMP?

And if you do, you might also know how to include the following filters
(between the Resize and Save steps):

Script-Fu --> Decor --> Round Corners -->

With the following settings:
Radious of Edges: 10
Script Toggle (Add drop-shaddow): on
Shaddow x: 2
Shaddow y: 2
Blur Radious: 5
Script Toggle (add background): on
Script toggle (Work on copy): off

Layers --> Flatten Image

I woudl appreciate any advice how to do this, or even better, if there's
a existing similar script example you might have and could send me.

Thanks for your help,

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