In Corel Draw there is a thing called a color replacement tool.
It allows you to select a color in an image you are working on
and then select another color that you want to replace the
first one with. Then you take this tool and wipe it over areas
of your work where the color you want to replace is. The color
gets replaced without affecting any of the other colors. How
do we do this with Gimp?

What I need this for is when I make a little graphic for a
web page and cut out thhe background so that the background
is transparent, often off colored pixels are left on the 
edges of the graphic and show up when the graphic is placed
on a web page making the graphic look bad. So if I can replace
these pixel's color I can clean up the edges of the graphic.

Any tips on accomplishing any of this would be appreciated.


--Paul T.

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