Angelika Meier wrote:

> hi all,
> can  anybody please tell me, how to  install
> libtiff* for debian?
> thanks
> angelika meier, berlin

You can run the following (as root):

apt-get update
apt-get install libtiff-tools libtiff3g-dev

(the dependencies should be worked out automatically, and installed as

This should let you compile Gimp under Debian with TIFF support
(Note that you probably want other packages installed for the optimal
Gimp installation, like libmpeg, aalib, and others as well as their
corresponding development packages (so you can compile support for

Also, I highly recommend a program called "console-apt" which allows you
to search for packages when you know _what_ you want -- but not
necessarily what the Debian package is called. (Of course, 'dpkg -l
"*tiff*"' would work for any package containing the letters "tiff", but
utilities like console-apt are very nice)

Good luck!

Garrett LeSage - Art Director

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