Howdy all.

I am in the slightly annoying situation of only being able to use the Gimp
remotely. My local machine is running WinNT with Hummingbird Exceed
v6.0.1.0 as the X server (I also have access to various Win98 machines). I
run GIMP version 1.0.4 remotely from my bosses i686 (running Linux
2.2.10). I know this is far from ideal, but there you go.

As Exceed is the X server, it provides the fonts to the Gimp. It doesn't
deal well with scalable fonts. Ideally I would like to have access to all
of the scalable fonts of my choice, but I can cope with a reasonable range
of fonts at fixed sizes. The main thing is to be able to do some BIG text
that isn't too blocky.

Exceed allows connection to font servers, so I set one up on another unix
machine and connected to it. The remote linux box can see the fonts from
this, and so can the Gimp. When I try and place some text in the Gimp that
is scaled quite large, Exceed dies horribly saying "Remote glyph too
large". I can find very little joy about this from Hummingbird's website.
Anybody else seen this?

Exceed also allows you to serve "pseudo" fonts, which it generates from
local TrueType fonts. These can be created in Exceed at any desired size,
Exceed then creates a logical name for that font, something like:
Simple X applications (xlsfonts, xfd, xterm) can see this. The Gimp
cannot. I tried changing the logical name to something a bit more
sensible, like: 
but still no joy. Has anyone else got the Gimp to see fonts in this way?

Many thanks,


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