I want to write a perl script, for translating blackbox window 
manager themes into fvwm2 themes. To do this, the blackboxrc 
file has to be parsed, and some images have to be automatically
generated from this.

Now, I was thinking of using the perl interface of gimp to do 
this, as I don't know scheme, and because using perl, the script
can be run entirely non-interactive from the command line. 

I read some man pages, a tutorial and the chapter in the 
gimp manual on Gimp::Fu, but all the scripts produce are error 
messages (the example scripts in the tutorial also don't work).

So I was wondering, this perl interface of gimp, is it an established,
stable software, or is it in the early development stages? 
Also, maybe it could be a version problem: I'm using gimp 1.1.11

More probable: I'm just not doing things correctly.
So, I'd very much appreciate it, if somebody could get me started
by sending me a skeleton perl-gimp script that non-interactively
creates an image, and saves it, maybe someone has this working.

Maybe an alternative would be, to make a perl script that generates
a scheme script, and then run this manually from within gimp...


Jos van Riswick


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