On Sat, 11 Dec 1999, josvanr wrote:

> Hi!
> I want to write a perl script, for translating blackbox window 
> manager themes into fvwm2 themes. To do this, the blackboxrc 
> file has to be parsed, and some images have to be automatically
> generated from this.
> Now, I was thinking of using the perl interface of gimp to do 
> this, as I don't know scheme, and because using perl, the script
> can be run entirely non-interactive from the command line. 
> I read some man pages, a tutorial and the chapter in the 
> gimp manual on Gimp::Fu, but all the scripts produce are error 
> messages (the example scripts in the tutorial also don't work).
> So I was wondering, this perl interface of gimp, is it an established,
> stable software, or is it in the early development stages? 
> Also, maybe it could be a version problem: I'm using gimp 1.1.11

Well, 1.1.11 is a development version of gimp, so that may be part of the

> More probable: I'm just not doing things correctly. So, I'd very much
> appreciate it, if somebody could get me started by sending me a
> skeleton perl-gimp script that non-interactively creates an image, and
> saves it, maybe someone has this working.

Unfortunately, I never played around with this kind of stuff. Though maybe
I will, now that I know of its existence.

> Maybe an alternative would be, to make a perl script that generates
> a scheme script, and then run this manually from within gimp...
> regards,
> Jos van Riswick
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