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> stable software, or is it in the early development stages? 

You asked for an unstable version of Gimp, you got it ;)

> Also, maybe it could be a version problem: I'm using gimp 1.1.11

It is most definitely a version problem. Perl is still suffering midly
from the many changes since 1.1.10 in the PDB, the i18n changes and some
internal changes.

The current version in cvs should have all scripts working again.

> More probable: I'm just not doing things correctly.

Not probable with 1.1.11. However, gimp-perl's api has changed subtly
since 1.0, sou many tutorials no longer apply (at leats not without some
minor changes).

> So, I'd very much appreciate it, if somebody could get me started
> by sending me a skeleton perl-gimp script that non-interactively
> creates an image, and saves it, maybe someone has this working.

That should do:

   use Gimp;
   my $img = new Image (300, 200, RGB);
   my $layer = $img->layer_new(30 , 20, RGB_IMAGE,"Background", 100, NORMAL_MODE);

[works only from the commandline, of course]

For further questions I'd like to direct you to the gimp-perl list (see
http://gimp.pages.de/ for more info), where many people are who had the
same initial problems ;)

> Maybe an alternative would be, to make a perl script that generates a
> scheme script, and then run this manually from within gimp...

Would work as well.... interesting idea ;)

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