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> > "T.V.Gnanasekaran" wrote:
> Btw.."script-fu/Alchemy/Erase every other row" is also interesting for
> striped effects.
> K.

I found this minutes after posting my screengrab.  Its the same look he
was looking for in the photoshop tutorial.  

I have no idea why but scan lines seem to be all the rage.  Perhaps
we're all thinking of getting HDTVs for christmas and we're gonna miss
scan lines.

I have been working on some CSS web themes that use scan lines to make
translucent table backgrounds.  


There are tiny two pixel tall images used as fills to create the scan
lines in table backgrounds.  It makes text a little more readable over
busy background images.  

They are going to be available on the 'art stuff' page once I have about
ten or more stylesheets.  If you're interested in collaborating on the
project let me know.  

Comments and feedback from the list is welcome.  

Jon Winters
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