Am Mit, 22 Dez 1999 schrieb Mike Markowski:

> I've done this before with xdm, but the details are on my linux
> box at home.  It involved just putting in an "xv" command in one
> the xdm setup files so that the command was run when the login
> widget was displayed (probably in XTakeConsole).
> If this general description isn't enough, let me know.  When I
> get home tonight I'll send you all the details.

Hi Mike!

As my personal mail led to a mail error, I send this to the gimp-list

Up to now, Im not very familiar with the xdm setup, nor with xv
(which is rather fat!). It would save me from reading "a couple" of
documentation pages, if you could send me your solution. 

Thanx, Matthias



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