Hello, Joakim.

> I am looking for a Photo (image) archiving program.
> I would like it to be able to add keywords etc and it should be
> searchable. Keep track of the images (hard disk, cd, etc)
> Thumbnails, web page creation ...
> Anyone know is something good exist for linux?
> How did you solve it ? Hints on what programs etc to
> use would be much appreciated.

What you need is Compupic!

This is a Linux clone of the excellent Thumbs Plus program which has
been available for several years for Windows systems. It produces a
"tree" diagram of your directory tree and in each directory it shows
thumbnails of the graphic files within it, and will do most if not all
of the other things you want, along with batch processing of images,
generating slide shows, and so forth. A highly functional preview is
available free but if you want .GIF support you have to pay for a
license. I think it's excellent. Go to:


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