Granted I am not farmiliar with either of these formats, but if PPM supports
layers, you might try "flatten layers" before printing, the only thing that
cued me to that is you said "it seems like I am seeing only one plane of the

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Sent: Friday, December 31, 1999 5:28 AM
Subject: pcd to ppm

>     I convert Kodak PhotoCD format (.pcd) with pcdtoppm (in the
> xpcd-packet) into a .ppm-file.
>     According to Michael J.Hammel's The Artists' Guide to the GIMP
> (p.29) GIMP can read this PPM format.
>     I can read the new .ppm-file in a GIMP imagewindow. Up to now
> everything is OK. In the imagewindow I see a relatively normal
> photo-picture.
>     Then I want to print this .ppm-file on paper. I use a HP
> DeskJet 970Cxi. I control it with a HP 600 series driver at 600
> dpi, which is not as good as it can be, but I understand that
> there are no other possibilities at the moment
>     The result of this printing is bad. As if I am only seeing 1
> plane of the total graphic.
>     Up to now I can not see what I am doing wrong, or what I will
> have to do to get a better result.
>     Someone having similar experiences, and solutions?
> Dick Kampman

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