Ryad Kalla,
Thanks for your layer-advice. But, as far as I can see, it will 
give no solution to my problem.
This .ppm-format (a conversion of .pcd (=Kodak PhotoCD format) to 
.ppm), loaded into the GIMP has 1 layer (background) and 3 
channels (R-G-B).Just as other image-formats (jpg, gif, etc.).
The difference is that other image formats can be printed on 
paper, but .ppm not.
E.g. the '/usr/lib/tk8.0/demos/images/teapot.ppm'-image, standard 
available on my Slackware 4.0 distro gives just the same problem.
Why can I not print .ppm-iamges?

Dick Kampman

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