I've probably found out what's exactly the problem but can't solve it:

my font server is given in my /etc/XF86Config by :

  FontPath      "tcp/altair:7100"
and _not_ by 
#  FontPath     "unix/:7100"

This second solution doesn't work with my X-version ()

and in /usr/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/font_table, I can see
use Gimp::Feature 'unix';

and in /usr/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/Perl-Server :

$use_tcp        = 1;    # tcp is enabled only when authorization is available

could it be my problem ?
??? what does this mean and how can I "make authorization available" ???

All other X-applications can perfectly see and use my true type fonts (applix,
xfontsel, display) so I don't think my font-server is misconfigured.

Thank you for any help !

Cecile Hebert-Souche  a écrit:
> Dear GIMP-user, 
> I've upgraded my linux system from SuiSe 5.3 to SuSe 6.3 and therefore
> the Gimp 1.0.?? to Gimp 1.1.11. For the use of true type fonts, I use the
> gallium font server coming with applix ware. 
> After the upgrage, I can see and use all the fonts previously installed
> with applix, and can also view them with xfontsel, I also see them in the
> text tool of The Gimp, but when I try to select them I get the error
> message "the selected font is not available" (or something like this, my
> system speaks german) 

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