>> > [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> >>
>> >> why is it impossible to print (on paper) in a reasonable
>> >> quality,
>> >> images converted from pcd-format to jpg, tiff, ..., with a
>> >> HPDeskJet printer?
>> >>
>> >> Dick Kampman
>> >Hello Dick
>> >Have you tried whith the xw-tools from (it's shareware - price
>> >15 ECU)
>> >http://home.t-online.de/home/jj.sarton/startE.html
>> >I have had it to work, but since I have changed to RedHat 6.1 
>> >can't
>> >get in connection whith my printer throug the driver - If you
>> >succeseed
>> >i'd be glad to hear how
>> >Sincerely Mogens Jęger
>> Another printerdriver for my HP DeskJet 970 Cxi might be of
>> interest. I have contacted J.J.Sarton but he could not help,
>> because Hewlett Packard asks too much money for the relevant
>> information.
>> Overmore, in the true sense, another driver is only part of my
>> problem.
>> The other part of the problem is actually, that I can print in
>> 600 dpi mode to the mentionned printer with the HP 600 series
>> driver in the GIMP. Yes, I can print most of the gif's, jpg's,
>> etcetera.
>> The real problem is, that WHEN I CONVERT A PHOTOCD-IMAGE TO 
>> OR .JPG, OR WHATSOEVER FORMAT (with pcdtoppm, or with
>> PRINTER OF THIS CONVERTED IMAGE. The prints are looking as if I
>> see only 1 plane of colour. But this is only an assumption on 
>> side. I do not really know what the problem is.
>> These converted PhotoCD-images have in the GIMP only one layer
>> (background; which is normal, I believe) and three channels
>> (R-G-B), and I can get normal imagepictures of them in GIMP
>> imagewindows, and in ImageMagick-displaymode.
>> Everything is looking normal, But when I print these images 
>> GIMP to the mentionned printer, it is all rubbish.
>> I should like to know what is the problem. Is it impossible to
>> print (on paper) these from PhotoCD converted images, or do I
>> have to manipulate these images before printing them?
>> Dick Kampman

>Have you tried first to Flatten the Image so all layers are 
>printed as
>one?  I find this to work, look under Layers: Flattem Image.  
>Once you
>do this you may want to save it under a new name so you don't 
>loose your
>current layered image for future editing.

Thanks for your advice, but as I already wrote, this converted 
PhotoCD-images *have* only 1 layer (background). There is nothing 
to be "merged" or "flattened". And the printquality (on paper) 
remains very bad.
I am working under Linux now about 4 years, and regularly I get 
the feeling, that certain primitivisms under Linux drive me back 
to the use of that big monopolistic system. I will not 
understand, that on the GIMP-mailinglist, there is no person who 
could inform me on the aforementioned problem. Even Michael 
J.Hammel (the author of The Artist's Guide to the GIMP), from 
which I bought a copy of his book, appears not to be able to read 
my emails, and give me a simple answer to my questions. Even if 
the answer would be:"No, it is not possible to print converted 
PhotoCD-images from the GIMP". I notice a bit of anger writing 
this down, when I think of all the wasted time on solving this 
problem, in the knowledge, that computers were invented to make 
peoples live and work easier.

Dick Kampman

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