I've installed gimp and the html/pdf versions of GUM
(by Karin Kylander and Olof S. Kylander). After that
I tried to create some picture with some techniques 
that are described in the GUM. Without success.

As in the manual I want to make a bezier selection of
a horse rider. Then I wanted to create this glow. 

In GUM they say: "The glow layer was made by filling a feathered horse and
                  rider selection with red, yellow and white, each time with
                  lower feather values, and setting the layer to Screen
That's what I tried to do. 

First I selectet the bezier tool. I created the bezier curve. Then clicked
inside the curve. The selection was saved to an alpha channel. So 
far everything went fine. But after that I tried everything to get 
this glow: 

- I did alpha to selection. I chose a feather value and filled the 
  selection: I had a sharp border and no feather. 
- I did alpha to selection, filled the selection and did a copy named. Then I
  did another alpha to selection, chose a feather value and pasted the filled
  selection into the feathered selection. Again I had a sharp border and 
  no feather. 

I don't know what else I tried but I tried a lot.... It's driving me crazy....
I like GUM and I appreciate the effort that the authors took in 
writing that book but I simply cannot understand how to reproduce the
effects that are described. 

Can anybody help me with the problem described above? What have I done wrong? 
Is there a more detailed tutorial out there that explains every single step 
that has to be performed (something like: "You want a glow? Then do the 
          0. load picture
          1. <menu>-><popup>-><popup2>-><selection>
          2. <menu>->....
          3. ...

Thanks. Every help is much appreciated!!


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