Cecile Hebert-Souche  a écrit:
>  Marc Lehmann  a écrit:
> > I also don't know what exactly is your problem, but if it is font-related
> > (font-server, truetype etc..) then this:
> My problem is definitively Gimp and true-type font related: I can use my
> true type font in any other X-applications but not in the Gimp : I ca see
> the fonts, but when I try to select them, I get the  error message in the
> font-selection-tool "this font is not available"
> > > $use_tcp        = 1;    # tcp is enabled only when authorization is available
> > means that other machines can only connect and remote-control gimp
> > when it has been secured using a password.
> And could it be possible that the plugin think the connection comes from
> another host than the one hosting the font server also if it is not the
> case and thus shows the font names but denies access ? 

I now tried to replace the hotstname by localhost in the declaration of
the font server, but this also doesn't help... I'm quite deseperated...

Did anyone there manage to use the Gimp 1.1.11 in the linux 6.3
distribution with true type fonts ??????

Thank you for any help !


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