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>I am working under Linux now about 4 years, and regularly I get 
>the feeling, that certain primitivisms under Linux drive me back 
>to the use of that big monopolistic system. I will not 
>understand, that on the GIMP-mailinglist, there is no person who 
>could inform me on the aforementioned problem. Even Michael 
>J.Hammel (the author of The Artist's Guide to the GIMP), from 
>which I bought a copy of his book, appears not to be able to read 
>my emails, and give me a simple answer to my questions. Even if 
>the answer would be:"No, it is not possible to print converted 
>PhotoCD-images from the GIMP". I notice a bit of anger writing 
>this down, when I think of all the wasted time on solving this 
>problem, in the knowledge, that computers were invented to make 
>peoples live and work easier.
>Dick Kampman

Let me start by saying that I don't know what causes your problem, but I
thought since no-one seemed able to provide you with help that I might at
least try to clarify the problem, in case it helps.



. You are converting pictures from PDC to other formats. On screen these
appear OK, but when you print them, they do not print correctly.

Have you tried saving the images in these other formats and viewing them,
say in a browser, to check that they are valid?

If you save them (say, as PNG or JPEG), close them, and then open them
again in gimp, do they still print badly?

. You say you are able to print most GIFs etc.

Do you mean you are able to print GIFs from other sources correctly
(without the symptoms you describe here)?

. You say that it looks like you can see only one plane of the total
graphic, but that this is not a layer issue, because the images all have
only a single layer.

Do you mean it looks like only a single colour channel is being printed?

Is it coming out a single colour (magenta? green?) or black-and-white?


Gimp printing experts:

. When images are loaded into Gimp, does Gimp remember the original format
somehow, and does it store any other information with the image related to
its original format?

Is there any way that such information could interfere with printing?

If so, is it possible to convert the image's type without going through the
save-as-reload rigmarole?

. When printing to a CMYK printer from Gimp, where does colour separation
occur? I haven't tried printing anything yet, as I don't have a printer. I
was under the impression that Gimp didn't do colour separation for patent
reasons. Does the file get dumped to the printer (driver) in RGB form, and
the printer (driver) then has to sort it out? I remember hearing about
problems in professional printing where people would send Postscript files
inadvertently containing embedded RGB images which they had forgotten to
convert to CMYK, and these would come out greyscale. I assumed that this
sort of problem would depend on the printer and driver, but it sounded
curiously similar.


If it is a Gimp bug, but the file works after being saved in another format
and reloaded, you could automate your way around the problem until it is
fixed, with a script that saves the file as a working format in a temporary
file, reloads it, prints it and dumps it.

I hope you are able to get the help you need. Have you tried gimp-developer?



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