With very much effort I succeeded to found out in what way there 
is a possibility under GIMP to print (on paper) converted 
PhotoCD-format (pcd) to ppm, jpg, tiff,...
Since someone was interested in the outcome of my search, I send 
you this mail.

1. When printing these (scanned) formats with DeskJet printers I 
had to use the "ppi-option" (pixels per inch) on the print 
dialogbox. Michael J.Hammel writes on this subject:"The use of 
ppi is more of an advanced topic and beyond the scope of this 
text", and keeps silent about this for me so essential topic (The 
Artists' Guide To The GIMP; p. 262). The Scanning.html 
(http://manual.gimp.org) gives under the heading "Scanning, the 
web and printing" the message that DeskJet printers have to use 
the ppi-option. This was very difficult to find.

2. With this knowledge I had further to learn, that 
portrait-situated images has to be rotated 90 degrees (to 
landscape format), because in portrait-state the print results 
are very bad. I do not understand what is the cause of this 
remarkable problem. It might have to do something with the 
combination of scaling and ppi-option in the print-dialogbox.

3. Under these conditions I succeeded to print on paper  to 
ppm-format converted pcd-images (PhotoCd; Kodak). However, when 
making a rotate-operation GIMP dumps swapfiles in 
/usr/X11R6/share/gimp (I assume this is a compile option). Since 
these swapfiles can be rather voluminous, you have a chance
that the partition you are working on, appears suddenly to be 
filled for 100%. In that case GIMP will crash, when you try to 
work on.

4. Although this search costed me a lot of equilibrium and 
printerink, my endconclusion is "Cool it works with Linux"!

Dick Kampman

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