You wrote on Mon, 10 Jan 2000:
>Thanks for your advice, but as I already wrote, this converted 
>PhotoCD-images *have* only 1 layer (background). There is nothing 
>to be "merged" or "flattened". And the printquality (on paper) 
>remains very bad.

>I am working under Linux now about 4 years, and regularly I get 
>the feeling, that certain primitivisms under Linux drive me back 
>to the use of that big monopolistic system. I will not 
>understand, that on the GIMP-mailinglist, there is no person who 
>could inform me on the aforementioned problem. Even Michael 
>J.Hammel (the author of The Artist's Guide to the GIMP), from 
>which I bought a copy of his book, appears not to be able to read 
>my emails, and give me a simple answer to my questions. Even if 
>the answer would be:"No, it is not possible to print converted 
>PhotoCD-images from the GIMP". I notice a bit of anger writing 
>this down, when I think of all the wasted time on solving this 
>problem, in the knowledge, that computers were invented to make 
>peoples live and work easier.

Just a hint:  Your first question wasn't very specific ...

And now it's not very clear what you mean with "remains very bad".  In a former
post you state:
    The prints are looking as if I see only 1 plane of colour.

Due to my lack of an photo cd I can only give some speculative hints:

o photo CD format contains more than one picture all with different resolution
  -- and maybe the one that is used for printing has a different color format

o maybe the whole PCD is in CMYK or another format not recognized in gimp (but
  this interferes with you watching the pic on your screen.)

Is it possible for you to make a small part of the picture and a scanned
printout available (NOT as attachment!!!) so all without this problem have some
more clues?

Think about it: The only one really able to help you solve your problem is
someone with the same problem or knowing about.  All other (including me) can
only give all hints that come to mind -- and having 100 or more emails per day
one can easily overlook something like
    These converted PhotoCD-images have in the GIMP only one layer 

Don't try to ask that big monopolistic system about something like this ;-))


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