On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 07:25:30AM -0500, Kelly Lynn Martin 
> A convenient user-accessible parasite editor would make this sort of
> thing MUCH friendlier -- instead of having to use magic cookie layer
> names you'd just click on a button on the layer dialog and edit the
> layer's externally-defined properties....

What do you have in mind? The current parasite-editor suffers from (among
other problems) the lack of standardization. Nobody (I mean it ;) uses the
gserialize feature, for example (which has problems of its own), so the
only options are string and hex-editing at the moment. (Although I prefer
human-readable parasites over difficult-to-prase gserialize for impossible
to parse ad-hoc binary formats).

There is also the problem of non-persistant parasites. Is it worth the
effort to use a "portable" format for these kind of parasites? In theory
the plug-ins that generate them should be able to edit them much better
then a parasite-editor.

(But I am sure plug-ins will be able to add themselves to the
layers&channels menu in 1.2 or so, making it possible to add the
parasite-editor (or a parasite editor) there).

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