> I have something like a hundred wmf-files, that need to be converted to
> jpg
> a script containing something like
> ...
> file-wmf-load ...
> file-jpg-save ...
> ...
> should do.
> Is there any one, who ever wrote something like this?
> (this scheme stuff is a little cryptic for me right now ...)

you might want to try the "convert" command in the ImageMagick package.
I just looked at the man page, but it doesn't seem to list wmf as one of the
file types it recognizes.
I also don't see it in the list of file types for GIMP in the "Load Image"

what are wmf files?

as far as script-fu is concerned, a script like the one you have in mind would
be very simple.
have you looked at GUM (Gimp User Manual) at manual.gimp.org ?
Sorry if that was a dumb question to ask.

Michael Johnson

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