At 17:48 20/01/00 +0000, Giles Ellis wrote:
>Isn't there any  way the maintainer of this list can append instructions to
>each message posted?  People obviously don't save the instructions they
>received when they subscribed...

A laudable policy, and one which every mailing list should implement.
However, putting my cynical hat on, I suspect it won't help very much. The
rate of "unsubscribe" and "How do I unsubscribe?" messages doesn't seem to
be any less on mailing lists where it is done. I will leave the reasons for
this as an exercise to the reader.

If anyone tries to unsubscribe in future, and follows the instructions but
is unable to escape, make this clear in your "How...?" mails, to avoid
being confused for one of the people who doesn't read instructions, or
doesn't read them carefully enough. (NOTE: "unsubscribe" messages are
almost NEVER sent to the mailing list address itself.)

This confusion causes a flurry of complaints and then a flurry of
justifications and recriminations, which just bores everybody.

Incidentally, you can always filter messages with subjects containing
"unsubscribe" into the Trash, if you're happy to miss updates of
instructions on how to unsubscribe.



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