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 Greg> <my two cents> I run GIMP (1.1.15) on a PII 400 with 384 megs
 Greg> of ram, 16 meg Matrx G400 at 1600x1200 24 bit.  I deal with
 Greg> 1600x1200 images often, since I take frequent screenshots for
 Greg> themes.org.  Even with what should be a kick ass system, I
 Greg> still find that GIMP slows down significantly with such large
 Greg> images.  I might (if I could afford it) try a dual processor
 Greg> (P3?) with 512 megs of ram - I would hope that such a
 Greg> configuration would be able to handle large images fast.

 Greg> </my two cents>

It doesn't seem that anyone got decent performance on large
(1600x1200) images out of (even high end with lots of RAM) PC class

However, I am still uncertain where the bottleneck is.  X server,
memory bandwidth?  As I write image processing/machine vision
algorithms for a living.  (And most of my code start their life as
Gimp plug-ins and then "ported" to x86 WNT.)  I can tweak any
particular algorithm for speed.  However, to fix the general
sluggishness is probably beyond my knowledge.

I am currently looking into low end Alphas (such as 21164SX).  It
probably got more memory bandwidth and floating power than most PCs,
and should be extremely low cost.  Does anybody have comment on the
real performance?  Another problem is that these babes are very hard
to find nowadays.


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