i would do it with the "path tool".

first make a selection of your oval. choose "to path" in the selection
menu. it will create a path of the actual selection. you can find the
"path menu" in the "layer and channel" menu. now you have created a
path, you can stroke it with the brush, color and mode you want.

hope that helps



p.s. : 

-perhaps you should create a new layer to put the boarder on. 
-you can use the path several times with differnt brush-types and colors
to create some nice effects like neon etc.
-this works in gimp 1.1.11, don't know about older versions.

Raistlin Majere wrote:
> hi
> I had a rec image I then cut an oval and pasted it to an new image.
> Now I want to put a boarder around the oval.
> How is this done
> Raistlin Majere

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