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> I dearly enjoy the gimp.  but, say I have an image 250
> x 250, and when I create a new layer, how can I make
> that layer the size of the object?  I know it says
> there what size of layer do you want, but can it
> automatically decide latter after I have actually
> created the layer, say typed in some text or
> soemthing, it becomes a hastle to resize the layer
> after.  I'm lost, I hope I haven't lost you.

There's plenty of ways how to do that in 1.1.X gimp. The fastest is probably to
duplicate the layer (right click on a thumbnail in the layer window), selelect
all (image>select>all) and clear (ctrl+k). 

The other way is to create a new layer and use a cropping tool with "current
layer only" setting enabled. The cropping tool is great for resizing layers
(yes it can even enlarge). The original resize and border resize functions
did not appeal to me too.

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