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> i made a script that saves an image giving it the filename.
> now i want it to either:
> 1- remember the last filename i typed
> 2- give me the SAVE dialog
> 3- have a mecanism to pass a path as a layer name for example.

Something like this will give you at least a file dialog, probably not
exacly what you want, but better than nothing:  
    "<Image>/Script-Fu/Tuxracer/Save Image as RGBs"
    "Saves a layed image as seperated RGB images using the layer names as filenames + 
    "Ingo Ruhnke"
    "1999, Ingo Ruhnke"
    "Fri Mar  3 16:00:13 2000"
    SF-IMAGE "Image" 0
    SF-DRAWABLE "Drawable" 0
    SF-FILENAME "Directory:" "/tmp/")
    ^^^^^^^^^^^ <- This gives you the dialog
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