On Wed, Mar 22, 2000 at 02:35:18PM -0600, atta dubson wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Mar 2000, Jon Winters wrote:
> > 
> > You can use something like ImageMagick to convert them to .gif images then
> > use something like gifmerge to make them into a .gif anim.  When you open
> > the .gif in Gimp each frame should be a layer.
> > 
> > I don't know anything about the .pbm format.  Is it indexed?  If not then
> > the above method would result in a loss of image quality.  
> pbm = Portable BitMap.  it's generally the format of the scanner output
> (when using sane, at least).  so, no, it's not indexed.
> to automatically combine several pbm's to one layered file, you'd probably
> have to write a gimp script, and then still enter each file name to merge
> in a dialog box.  this seems like more trouble than it's worth.

You think so? Isn't it an all day task? I draw images by
hand to form an animation and then scan them all with my
fax-device which has an automagic page feeder. That's
comfortable. But it is not very comfortable to load every
image into a layer by hand with gimp :(


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