Rick Rosinski wrote:
> Is there any way to convert gray-scale images to color?


> Is there any software out there that can do this?

If you've got one of the newer 1.1.x versions of Gimp you already have
the software.
Here is a quickie intro to how its done.

First you'll need your greyscale image and another image that you're
going to get colors from.  

Convert the greyscale image to RGB 

Select an area from the color image, this will be the source for the
color in your colorized image.

Now right mouse click on the image to be colorized and select Filters >
Colors > Map > Sample Colorize.

You'll get a dialogue window where you can select the source and target
and adjust colors and stuff.  When the preview looks like it might work
click Apply and be amazed as your image is colorized.

This filter is a LOT of fun and I think you'll be surprised by the
results. If you do a good job of selecting the source colors you can get
some incredible results.  

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