I am running Gimp 1.0.4 and Perl Gimp 1.1 on Linux RH 6.2 and on Sun Solaris 7.
I have this (attached) simple script that is suppose to load and process all  the images from a directory.
This is how the script should work: Load one image (jpeg), scale it down ,then save it to a new file, after which the
image is deleted, and the next image file is read in and process... until there are image to process.
The whole thing works well only once. When trying to load next image file, this ugly error message pops-up:
"file_jpeg_load: procedural database execution failed at..."
I am new to perl , and I am not sure if the error is from gimp or from perl.

Please help!

Thank you!

Mihail Baba


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