Amy wrote:

> On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, pixel fairy wrote:
> > you can set the default comment in preferences. if
> > your still using 1.0.4, grep. its probably in some
> > header file (i dont have the source for it at hand)
> Actually, I'm using 1.1.20 and I didn't look in the preferences (duh!).
> Ok, I haven't looked since like 1.1.16.

Yup, preferences have changed a bit.

I notice stuff because I read the changelog every day (when I update from
cvs). It is a task sometimes, but it has benefited me *many* times, as
I learn about new features and bugfixes right after they happen. *g*

> >
> > you cant just ask someone at va?
> I'm the resident Gimp expert around here.  When people need Gimp help,
> they usually ask me. If I get stuck, I ask Garrett LaSage of

*Almost* correct spelling. Better than most people (usually, I have to
repeat seventeen times and they STILL get it wrong... this goes for first
and last name)... and this was from memory, with correct capitalization
too! Kudos (^:

Yeah, I work remote, so I'm not usually an
around-the-office-gimp-knowledgebase like Amy.

> As far as I know, he's still on this list, so I figured he'd see the
> message.

Yup, on the list still. I usually don't have time to read as much as
I want to lately... (I end up skipping for days on end, then skimming some
days afterward usually now).

Busy, busy, busy on really cool & new stuff. Stay tuned...
[insert blatent plug for here] d^:

> But thanks, that helped.

Last I checked, it works with most every file format that supports the
comment parasite. For some reason, however, the GIF plugin doesn't seem to
appreciate the pref too much. \^:

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