Martin Weber wrote:

> The aim of GIMP is not only to be as good as Photoshop but become better
> than this program. So it would be fine to implement features that even
> commercial programs don't have. The common color quantization algorithms
> have many disadvantages, but there is a very new called Spatial Color
> Quantization ( that is
> better than all other methods. Is there anyone who has enough time to
> implement this very good algorithm.
> Martin


The results from this are very nice. It would be invaluable for indexed
image based web work (such as PNGs and GIFs), because size *does*
matter...  (especially for those using conventional modems). Having better
color matching means that Gimp would have the ability to reduce the color
palette down to even less colors; in turn, reducing the file size by a
noticeable amount.

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