I'm trying to do the uni.scm script like in the tutorial from dov grobgled
(forget the adresse).
but i've got this error :

plug-in "usr/local/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/script-fu" attempted to install
procedure "script_fu_uni" which does not take the standard plug-in args

I dont understand the error
The script:

  ; Define the function of the script and list its parameters
(define (script-fu-uni size color)

    ; Create an img
    (set! img (car (gimp-image-new size size RGB)))

    ; Create a layer
    (set! layer (car (gimp-layer-new img size size
                      RGB "layer 1" 100 NORMAL_MODE)))

    ; The following is done for all scripts
    (gimp-image-undo-disable img)
    (gimp-image-add-layer img layer 0)

    ; Here is where the painting starts. We now have an image
    ; and layer and may paint in the layer through the PDB functions.
    (gimp-palette-set-background color)
    (gimp-edit-fill img layer)

    ; The following is also done for all script
    (gimp-display-new img)
    (gimp-image-enable-undo img)

   ; Finally register our script with script-fu.
   (script-fu-register        "script-fu-uni"
                              "Creates a uniform image"
                              "Dov Grobgeld"
                              "Dov Grobgeld"
                              SF-VALUE _"Size" "100"
                              SF-COLOR _"Color" '(255 127 0))

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