bubbles wrote:
hi.  ever since i installed the new version of windowmaker (along with a new videocard) on my computer the GIMP hasn't been working properly.  when i drag the mouse on an image to lets say, make a square it leaves a very annoying pattern in the mouses path.  its hard to descibe but it forms a negative of the background.  it makes it hard to see what im working on.  does anyone know what is causing this and what i could do to fix it.thank you,marissa

what video card, and version of X are you using? have you tried going back to your old card to see if it still works?
XFree86 4.0 is still kinda screwy, but it may work better for really new cards.

windowmaker is usually pretty solid, but you could try fvwm2 or kde to see if you still have problems.

does it look like something are not refreshing properly?

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