pixel fairy wrote:

> bubbles wrote:
>> hi.  ever since i installed the new version of windowmaker (along
>> with a new videocard) on my computer the GIMP hasn't been working
>> properly.  when i drag the mouse on an image to lets say, make a
>> square it leaves a very annoying pattern in the mouses path.  its
>> hard to descibe but it forms a negative of the background.  it makes
>> it hard to see what im working on.  does anyone know what is causing
>> this and what i could do to fix it.thank you,marissa
> what video card, and version of X are you using? have you tried going
> back to your old card to see if it still works?
> XFree86 4.0 is still kinda screwy, but it may work better for really
> new cards.
> windowmaker is usually pretty solid, but you could try fvwm2 or kde to
> see if you still have problems.
> does it look like something are not refreshing properly?

i am using the Stealth 3 540 PCI.  it installed on linux without any
problem.  i have only run into problems in  the gimp.  andi don't think
its a refreshing problem...  it just draws a block over the screen that
turns that area of the background into a negative.  it is really odd.
oh, and when it stays even after i close out of the gimp.  if i move any
program window over it that erases the flaws.  ...any clues now? i will
try some different window managers and see what that does.

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