By the way, does anybody know how to make a 1 pixel width line using "stroke" command?
It seems that even if I set my brush to 1x1 pixel  the result line will be 2 pixels
One way is to make image twice as big and then resize it, but, probably it's not the
best way.

alex wrote:

> Hi,
> Lars Burgstahler wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I know how to create shapes using the bezier tool. I also know how to draw
> > lines with the pen or brush.
> > But is there also a way to draw a line with the bezier tool, using a certain
> > brush from the palette? I just want to draw an arc or a wave or something
> > similar. Making a bezier shape is quite painful for something like that because
> > it is difficult to get the same line width everywhere,
> Quick suggestions:
> 1. Convert it to selection and use 'stroke' command ( not sure, but it shuold be in
> 'Selection' submenu. It fills selection with current brust.
> 2. If you use unclosed path, try GFigure tools (if you have it, it included at
> least in 1.1.17 ver)
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