Hi everybody.

I'm trying to install Gimp-1.1.20 in my SuSE-Linux 6.4.

First I tried to use the glib and gtk+ (both 1.2.7) from the SuSE cdrom
- didn't work

Then I downloaded glib and gtk+ (both 1.2.7) and tried to install them
anew  (first I uninstalled the buildin glib and gtk+): glib installs
perfectly, I can find eg glib-config in /usr/local/bin.
But when I try to install gtk+ already ./configure doesn't succeed,
because it can't find glib-config 
If I try then:  ./configure --with-glib-prefix=/usr/local    it finds
glib-config, but says: can't find glib Xlibraries

I dont know how to go on. Is there somebody who could help me?

Ah, Before I installed the same glib, gtk+ and Gimp in my sons
SuSE-Linux 6.2 without any problems

Regards    Hago

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