How slick do you want it?  I did something just like this for my wife's
open house at school.  Browser, one html file for each image with a
refresh that points to the next.  Make the last one point to the first
and you've got a continuous loop. It's fast and easy.  Not as slick as
real video, if that's what you're really looking for.  Just a thought.

Rick Rosinski wrote:
> I am planning on making a video of still-framed photographs for my family.  I
> want to have it show each picture for ten seconds, like an automatic slide
> show.  I am not sure which hardware would be best to do this, nor do I know
> what software would be best suitable for this.  Would the Video for Linux
> feature in the kernel have anything to do with this?  And (but not as
> important), is there a way to put a sound track along with the slide show?
> Thanks.
> --
> Rick Rosinski

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