The "down and dirty" way of doing this would be to increase the canvas to
the proper size so that it would take an entire printed page and then past
copies of your image in a 4-up or 2-up arrangement.

Example for a 300 DPI printer:

Make a new canvas 2400x3000  (8x10 inches on your printer)

Paste in copies of your image and arrange them so they fit nicely.

Send it to the printer.

You were probably looking for an automated way of doing this and there may
indeed be a script or something but this is how I do it.


Oh yeah...  I've been getting a LOT better results from than
I ever dreamed of from my inkjet printer.


They make real photographic prints from your digital images.  Lots of fun.

Jon Winters

   "Everybody loves the GIMP!"

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