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> On Fri, 5 May 2000, Leanne wrote:
> > I'm just starting to learn GIMP and I'm having trouble. Whenever I do
undo I
> > lose everything that I've done and end up with a checkered backgroup and
> > please tell me what is happening?
> >
> Leanne,
> I am not an expert but I believe I can explain a few of your
> `events` :^)
> `undo` undoes stuff, gonzo!! So, very often as you are working hit
> the key combo ^S (control key, letter s combo) to save your work to the
> point you are presently at. Do not wait until you are finished to save
> your work.
> The `checkered backdrop` is the indication you are working with a
> transparent layer and when you `undo` or `erase` your work, well, what you
> are left with is just the now empty transparent layer.
> If you get into the habit of `saving` your work, the `undo` will
> only kill at most back to what you last saved.
> Hope this all is of some help.

Unless something has been changed, I think this is incorrect. In every
version of GIMP I've ever used, undo undoes only the most recent action. You
can hit undo more times to get more layers of undo but you'll still only be
undoing one action at a time. If you save along the way then there's a
revert option that will drop back to the saved version but that's certainly
not wat undo does.


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