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From: Ben Skelton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Saturday, May 20, 2000 6:14 AM
Subject: making a transparent png

> Hi all
> I am having real trouble making transparent pngs. My lovely airbrushed art
> turned into ugly solid (opaque) colour when I save as a png. Is there a
> trick, or a RightWay, to make these things? Maybe I have some broken
> software, I am running gimp as per suse 6.4.

It depends on what your're using your images for. It sounds like you are
seeing your images in 1 bit transparencey rather than full transparency like
in GIMP. Is that correct? If it is correct, there isn't all that much you
can do about it.

If you are doing airbrushing on a transparent image and then viewing it with
a program that only supports 1 bit alpha then you'll have to add a
background layer and flatten the image in GIMP so that your airbrushing
shows up as a color gradient rather than an alpha gradient.


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