If you still have copies of your book, I would like to have one.
    I am sending my mailing address directly to you.


Phyllis Davis wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> This is a *BIG* thank you to all of you in the GIMP community who were so
> helpful while I was writing "The GIMP: Visual QuickStart Guide" (published
> by Peachpit Press). It's a beginner/intermediate level book that includes an
> 8-page, full-color "GIMP art gallery" created by artists in the GIMP
> community. Many of the questions, answers, and suggestions posted on the
> GIMP list helped me target what was important for the book.
> Since I receive author copies from the publisher, I'd like to give something
> back to the folks on the GIMP list. If you'd like a free copy of the book,
> I'll send you one. Just send me your name and complete snail mail address
> (international addresses are okay). I only have 12 copies to give away, so
> first come, first served. (:
> Thank you all!
> Phyllis Davis
> Berkeley, CA
> Author of "The GIMP: Visual QuickStart Guide" (published by Peachpit Press)


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