Hello everybody,

my project is the production of a small school magazine.  I'd like to make it look 
good.  Previous versions of the magazine were done in Microsoft Word (eek!) :-)

It's not the graphics bit that worries me, I don't have much exprerience but I've read 
the manual and I like to experiment.

What I'm looking for is ideas on arranging text.  I suppose I could get text rendered 
on different layers, then move them about until I get a decent result.

BUT:  GDyntext doesn't seem to Justify the paragraphs it produces. (I'd like to get 
left-aligned text without the jazzy edges of text produced by lines of variable length)

I've inserted text by means of a PostScript (groff made) file before, but I've 
re-installed Linux since and last night it refused to work (file displayed fine in 
gv).  Is there potential down this path?

Assuming I solve the problem of rendering text from txt files in a way that allows me 
to freely arrange the text on a page, could I then make the edge of a paragraph wrap 
around something I've drawn?

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanx in advance.


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