I would recommend you lear LaTex.  For document preparation nothing comes
close to its flexibility.  I used this many years ago to do University
papers. This "language" gives you full typesetting ability and allows for
almost precise image placement.  I haven't used the Linux version of LaTex
but have been told it works very well and has enhancements since my use in
the early 90s.

Good luck.

On Tue, 23 May 2000, Michael K. Nacos wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> my project is the production of a small school magazine.  I'd like to make it look 
>good.  Previous versions of the magazine were done in Microsoft Word (eek!) :-)
> It's not the graphics bit that worries me, I don't have much exprerience but I've 
>read the manual and I like to experiment.
> What I'm looking for is ideas on arranging text.  I suppose I could get text 
>rendered on different layers, then move them about until I get a decent result.
> BUT:  GDyntext doesn't seem to Justify the paragraphs it produces. (I'd like to get 
>left-aligned text without the jazzy edges of text produced by lines of variable 
> I've inserted text by means of a PostScript (groff made) file before, but I've 
>re-installed Linux since and last night it refused to work (file displayed fine in 
>gv).  Is there potential down this path?
> Assuming I solve the problem of rendering text from txt files in a way that allows 
>me to freely arrange the text on a page, could I then make the edge of a paragraph 
>wrap around something I've drawn?
> Any help will be appreciated.  Thanx in advance.
> Michael
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