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Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2000 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: Change Color

> * Julien Mulot ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000527 02:39]:
> > I want to change for example all the red color in my pic to blue color.
> > How can I do ?
> You can select (from the image's menu) > image > colors > hue-saturation.
> Using the HSV tool, you can click on the radio button closest to the color
> you wish to alter. From there, it's just a hue slider away from altering
> the color.
> Please note that this is a different effect from the color select method,
> and will produce different results. For some images, this method is more
> desirable; other images, the other.

You can also use both effects together, selecting all the red in a picture
with the color select tool, then using the hue/saturation tool to change all
the red in the image to blue, leaving everything else untoutched. There are
lots of possabilities.


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