Uwe Koloska wrote:

> You wrote on Die, 30 Mai 2000:
> >I've got a Microtek 35t+ attached to my Linux box. xscanimage
> >notices it's there, offers me the choice of /dev/sgb or /dev/scanner.
> >
> >But when I try to preview an image, both result in the same thing:
> >"Error during device I/O". This scanner works okay with Windows
> >NT.
> >
> >saned and all seem to be installed correctly. Any tips?
> >
> No idea :-(
> Have you the permissions to operate the scanner?

I have tried it as root. As a regular user, I get nowhere at all, even though
the device is

     rw-rw-r-- root scand

Obviously, I don't quite understand the permissions which apply to the scanner.
I thought if the scand had write access, all was well (presuming the scand can
be started by inetd). Can you enlighten me?

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