* Alex Harford ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [000529 16:56]:
> Denis Barbier wrote:
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > i am viewing a .psd file, on which one layer has some text. I want to
> > change this text, but do not know which font has been used.
> > How could i get this information, or simply edit this text with Gimp
> > 1.0.4?
> Denis,
> the Gimp is a bitmap type of graphics program.  The Gimp does not know
> that it is text, it is just a set of coloured pixels.  What you will
> have to do is erase the text by hand, and then add the text you want
> with the Text tool.
> Alex

In addition, you may wish to upgrade to Gimp 1.1.23 and use the gdyntext tool
which allows you to reedit text, exen after saving your image in an XCF file,
quitting Gimp, turning off your computer, turning it back on, starting up the
Gimp, and loading the XCF you saved (In other words, it saves the font info).

You can use the gdyntext tool by selecting the text tool and clicking on
the "use dynmaic text" at the bottom the option dialog.

Please note that this info is only saved in XCFs, Gimp's "native" format.

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