I`ve created a list of commands using the Script-Fu dialog console that do
exactly what I want.... it did take a long time to suss out some of the 
arguments...but thats fine, i like a challenge.

however, I tried creating my own script-fu following the docs...but Gimp
doesnt pick it up... (where in my .gimp-1.1 directory does the file i make
go? whats all this busines of compiling them?)

so..anyway, i tried making a batch file instead.

this is what i have so far

gimp --verbose -b \
'(set! theResult (script-fu-asc-2-img "motd.txt" "-*-Charter-*-r-*-*-24-*-*-*-p-*-*-*" 
45 '(0 0 0) TRUE '(255 255 255) 35))' \ 
'(set! Finalpicture (gimp-image-merge-visible-layers theImage 1))' \
'(gimp-image-set-filename Finalpicture "motd.png")' \
'(gimp-file-save 1 theImage theLayer "/home/almb/motd.png" "motd.png")' \
'(gimp-quit 0)' \

trouble is the COLOR flags in line two - > '(number number number)
the ' is being picked up by the shell and its screwing it 
all up....any way of getting this to actually run?  I've tried escape
characters..but iirc \ only does a linefeed! :-(


PS whats this for? Well, I grab the important stuff from /etc/motd (lines
begin with an *) and then i put it into this and i get a nice text image
with transparent background - which I then put onto the login window
of the Linux boxes so MOTD is displayed nicely under the kdm login

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